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I will no longer be posting here. I decided that I really hate the title “alittleaboutlia” and I think “lia’s cucina” is a much better fit for the blog!


Home sweet home

Ah, home sweet home. The bus ride was nice and quick last night…and by “quick” I mean it was only 4 hours compared to the usual 4.5 or 5. It was nice to finally have some PBBT back in my life this morning! I bought bananas while I was away this week, but they didn’t ripen until…today (I took them back with me, ha). This is atop Ezekiel cinnamon raisin English muffins which are much, much, much better than the 4:9 bread!

It was nice to have some French press and not Via this morning too 😉

Today is my last day of “vacation.” I get to hang out with one of my best friends from high school, Jill. I’m not sure what’s on tap for the day but we have reservations at Il Buco tonight. Every time I try to get a reservation here, I am unsuccessful, but I booked this about a month ago! It is supposed to be amazing and I can’t wait!

My body is definitely feeling the effects of eating too many of these and these over the past week. Ick. Too much sugar and fat, and not enough fruits and veggies makes me feel like crap. Time to get back on the health train.

Bus blogger

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the last few hours of your weekend. I am blogging from my phone on the bus back to NYC. Before I go back to New York, Kev and I almost always stop at The Mission for a bite to eat. I hate being hungry on the bus and don’t have much food at my place, so The Mish, as we call it, does the trick.

We split an order of chicken tenders and fries. The Mission has the BEST “stinger” sauce. Amazing fries also.

Clearly this weekend was a major indulgence and I plan to balance it out with a healthy week. I won’t see Kev for about a month now, but I think it will fly by with the amount of work I have to do. Midterms are in about a month and then my thesis is due 3/26 which is the week after spring break…I need to get in the zone! Its starting to get dark and I just realized the light above my seat doesn’t work…now I can’t do all the homework I didn’t do while I was in Boston. Eeeek I am a major screwup lately. I’m gonna have to work my butt off this week 😦 Anyway…see you all from NY!

More choco

Hey there! I’m enjoying my last few hours in Boston right now before I get on the bus back to NYC. We went to Kupel’s in Brookline this morning for some awesome bagels.

Kupel’s is a Jewish bakery that makes all sorts of treats in addition to bagels.

I love Kupel’s especially because they make different whole wheat flavors. I got a whole wheat poppy bagel with scallion cream cheese.


Kupel’s was too crowded to get a seat so we walked a block to Starbucks. I got a short skim capp!

Pre-lunch chocolate binge. I ate almost all the “good” ones yesterday. The green tea truffle, the one with the green drizzle, seriously tasted like green tea. It was interesting…I let Kevin finish it 😉

I feel like I took a mini vacation being here since Tuesday night. There is no school tomorrow for President’s Day, and I have two friends coming in to visit, so it will be a nice end to my mini vaca. Then back to the real world on Tuesday 😦

See you from NYC!

Early V-day

Happy early V-day. Well, I actually hate Valentine’s Day. I like the idea of “celebrating love” or whatever, but I’ll always remember the years when I was lonely/sad being single and having Valentine’s Day rubbed in my face. For that reason, I will eternally hate V-day. However, I will gladly accept chocolates given to me any day of the year 😉

Kev got me a bunch of chocolates. Here’s what I can remember is in the box: vanilla caramels, salt-covered caramels, marshmallow caramels, coffee cremes, almond truffle, French truffle, champagne truffle, green tea truffle? These are from Serenade Chocolatier in Brookline Village.

Vanilla caramel. Mmmmm.

This is the marshmallow caramel. Made me feel like my teeth were rotting…but still delish!

Disclaimer: I ate 4 of these before lunchtime…

…aaaaand for that reason, I kept lunch light. A salad and half a grilled provolone sandwich. I was saving my belly for dinner!

Enjoyed relaxing and seeing The Poltergeist for the first time. Do you think Speilberg is embarrassed he made this movie?

On the way to Grotto, had to snap a photo of the State House.

Grotto is a cozy and intimate Italian restaurant on Beacon Hill. If you’ve been to Boston before, you know that Beacon Hill is incredibly charming, and this restaurant fits in perfectly in the neighborhood. I would honestly order anything and everything on the menu. I have been here maybe five times in the past few years, and it never disappoints. Easily my favorite restaurant in Boston 😀

Started with awesome bread and EVOO with olives. Love that!

To start, I got the zuppa which was garlic soup with parmesan and truffle oil. This soup is seriously amazing. I gave Kevin a little bit of it…but basically devoured it on my own. This soup alone is worth going to Grotto.

So. Damn. Good.

For my entree, I ordered the pettini which is pan seared diver scallops “ravioli” with arugula and mushrooms. This is the second or third time I have ordered this, it’s that good.

They call it “ravioli” because the dish is layered with two sheets of pasta — one is on the very bottom of the dish and one covers the scallops, arugula and mushrooms on top.

I ate two out of three scallops, all the arugula and mushrooms and just a bit of the pasta. I’m stuffed.

Kev ordered the carne which was grilled beef tenderloin with risotto and asparagus in a red wine sauce. I stole some of the risotto 😀 so delicious.

We had dinner really early and decided not to order dessert because…

…I ate that many chocolates since 11 am. Kev had TWO and I had the rest…ugh. Needless to say, I feel a little sick to my stomach. Damn Valentine’s Day!!

Anyway, whatever you are doing on this Hallmark holiday, enjoy yourself and the rest of your weekend!


Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s eats.

For lunch, I stopped into Panera. I love Panera!! I haven’t been in maybe 2 years? So it was a real treat! I ordered my fave, broccoli cheddar soup with a whole grain baguette. And…a Diet Pepsi. Bad, I know, but I just was in the mood for a little fake sugar.

I got a special treat for dinner…cooked by Kevin 😀

He made salmon marinated in sesame teriyaki sauce with snap peas, asparagus and rice pilaf. Yum!! I couldn’t help myself and had to do something in the kitchen…so I pretty much made the asparagus. I couldn’t help it!

A little vino. ‘Twas good.

Nice little Friday night dinner! We went out for a friend’s birthday last night and I forgot to snap photos of my drinks…but I had 2 Sam Lights. Nothing groundbreaking.

I had another egg sandwich for breakfast. You guys know what it looks like 😉

Going out to one of my favorite restaurants in Boston tonight — Grotto. Will be back with a review tonight or tomorrow 😀


Right now I’m waiting in Starbucks before I head to my interview. Figured I’d post breakfast in the meantime!

An egg sandwich on NON dry bread! Finally.

Before I left I also had a cookie. I’m not sure when I’ll get to eat lunch so I figured what the heck.

See ya later.